• I do not know this off the top of my head but if you can get your hands on a nursing drug book or search on line for the half life of the drug. It will tell you. Half life means how long the body takes to get rid of half of the dose you took. So if you took 100 mg and it takes one day to get rid of half of it it would be in your system for 48 hours, this is just and example. Good luck in finding your answer.
  • Many opinions on this one, hope this helps.
  • 1-4 days is the average amount that I have seen from searching different sites
  • Until you take your shirt off... LOL.
  • I asked my pharmasist this same's 35 hours for one low dose pill...example: one 5 or 10 mg pill! Anything stronger you add another 23 hours.
  • It will leave quickly if you drink a good deal of water and ditoxify your system by drinking a good deal of cranberry juice. It is great for the kidneys and liver.Hope this helps and Happy Holidays!!

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