• my dream house would be a four bedroomed house with a massive kitchen and livingroom. it would have massive gardens at the back and some dog kennels and stables. (i have always wanted a horse lol). from my bedroom there would be a balcony so in summer i could sit outside and look over my gardens. it would be in the middle of some feilds somewhere but not too far from the town, so its not too quiet...........well thats my dream house that i will build if i win the lottery hehe
  • with a family that gets along and enjoys life as i do...I am not materialistic....;)
  • yup. My house would be made with bullet proof glass, so it's unbreakable. It would be so cool.
  • you know, I'd be happy to be able to own any kind of a house.... it's the new Aussie dream... to be able to afford a home... sad!
  • it has a swimming pool in the middle part =)
  • I'd love to know but I always forget my seriously though it would be a huge log built structure hidden away in an airy forest but with all the mod cons, back to nature is ok for a while but I need my telly :o)
  • Three bedroom, two bath, huge kitchen (of course)..enough room for a very nice vegetable garden..3-car garage, part of which would be a workshop for Jim..nestled on a piece of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean..preferably on Oahu, near Waikiki! :)
  • a house with four bedrooms. and three bathrooms,with a huge kitchen,A big living room,with a bay window and seating, looking at the ocean, with an outdoor pool and weight room,and a room for my cat. She would have her own private bathroom and a nice cat bed,a nice backyard (fenced in) of course.and maybe a movie theater built in.
  • Not too huge. Cozy and comfortable. Just enough space to do all the things that need to be done (guest bedroom, laudry room). Enough rooms for my kids to have their own rooms. Clean and neat. I don't mean a really small place but those mansions with five livingrooms that are barely used.. not for me.
  • Mine looks a little something like this.
  • Mine looks a little something like this.
  • A log home by some water, like a pond, preferably in the wolds somewhere with lots of wildlife around. A small house, easy to take care of, lots of outdoor area. A great kitchen with a fabulous stove. Sort of like the house in my photo, only this house is in upstate New York:-)
  • Log cabin, in the woods with no neighbors in site.
  • Mansion, or log cabin with no electricy, either works for me, my dream house is one where there is no friction, no animosity, nobody being critical. Just a lover who accepts me for who I am, and teaches kids the same. This would be a dream come true.
  • A hand-hewn log cabin in the middle of 20 acres
  • Ocean front property in Upper Michigan.
  • An old stone villa in the hills of Tuscany with a successful vineyard and olive grove. :))))))))))))
  • A big pink house on a California cost.
  • A House on the Oregon coast with Blue panelingwith white accents and a amazing ocean view
  • A laundry room big enough to actually set up an ironing board and have a place to drip-dry the clothing. A bathroom with a larger shower. It has to have a basement and not be in tornado alley or prone to earthquakes. And I want a fruit orchard in my back yard.
  • Galeanda's home, is my dream home, Log cabin in the woods, with airy, high ceilings; lots of windows, large rooms and a wide porch with a hot tub. Secluded, yet close to hiking, fishing, horseback riding, boating and rafting as well as scenic drives and small towns with charming shops. Mountains with a beautiful view and watching the colorful leaves fall to the ground. Or how about sitting by a stream and listening to the water trickle by as the snow is slowly melting or laying back in the hot tub on a cool winters day with no place to go, nothing you obligated to do, and nothing but nature surrounding you.........
  • It's on a cliff over looking the ocean. I don't care if it's a hut........I'll be on the beach!!!:):)
  • Airy, wooden, with dark, polished floors and huge pretty windows, within walking distance from some downtownish place but with a nice yard and big green trees, and lots of flowers.
  • It's a ranch style I found in a plans book at the library I have never found another plan I like more I have a copy in my file box the plans cost $700.After five years and a dozen other books I haven't found anything else I like.It would cost a minimuin of $500,000 to build so thats why its's a dream home.

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