• You shouldn't. You should read them and trust your own judgment.
  • Since it is an opinion question you are asking about you can trust that it is actually my opinion and not that of my sponsors. If it's a question that requires facts I will post a link to my source or say out right that I may be wrong because I am going by memory. So you can trust that I am either full of it or I have done my research. :)And I am no one in particular, except that I do know somethings and can do a mean Google search. :)
  • Why should you trust my opinions? Other than the fact that I know by experience. THat I had to actually fail at things to that others can actually know what to do when it happens to them.
  • idne is ethereal makes a good point. But also consider that a lot of people speak from experiences they have had that others may not. It's always nice to have options from which to choose. And answerbag is a great way to get options.

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