• Take care of it yourself and make SURE you keep all receipts. Then, when paying your rent, deduct whatever you paid from your rent and include copies of the receipts. Make sure to keep the original receipts though.
  • First, you need to review your rental/lease agreement. It may very clearly state how you and your landlord have agreed to handle these kinds of problems. Sometimes, the landlord is responsible for fixing or replacing appliances, but sometimes the tenant is responsible. Also, DO NOT deduct anything from your rent check unless you receive something in writing from your landlord first. Last, if indeed you find out that your landlord is responsible for making these repairs and he/she refuses to do so, then most states have Housing/Tenants Rights organizations that can help guide you through these issues according to your state laws.
  • It depends on your lease agreement , now a day's your lucky to have any appliances
  • You can withhold your rent until the work is done. Show the landlord the rent put aside in a bank account, or give him unsigned cheques, that you will sign when the work is done.
  • There is a way to get out of a lease because of a landlord who won't take action - this is called Constructive Eviction. It is a way to terminate the lease due to the acts of the lessor (landlord). best of luck
  • The bottom line is what ever is included in the SIGNED RENTAL AGREEMENT. My rental comes WITH laundry HOOK UPS. It is up to my tenant to provide their own washer/dryer. My house HAS a fairly new frost free Refrigerator and a Vintage Gas Stove/oven. NOW...THESE TWO items are with the house AS IS. I do not assume any responsibility for them or for their condition (because I have had tenants who TRASHED my house, pulled off and lost the stove knobs ($65.00 each to replace them) and left cigarette burn marks on both the vanity in the bath room AND inside of the FREEZER compartment of the REFRIGERATOR!! (WHO THE HELL sets a burning cigarette down INSIDE of a freezer while they seek what ever they are looking for in there????? I smoke and I wouldn't do that!!! I don't get it..isn't that what ASHTRAYS ARE FOR?) If they became non functional...I would have to pay to remove them, but not to replace them. Check your rental agreement, if the appliances ARE part of the agreement then send a CERTIFIED-RETURN RECEIPT (you want proof they received this letter!) letter TO the landlord REQUESTING (AGAIN) that the problems be taken care of and give them 10 "WORKING DAYS" (don't count the weekends) to resolve the problem. If they do NOTHING AT ALL, then you have to be prepared to do what ever you said you would do, if the problem is not fixed...BE IT...withholding enough rent back to cover the cost of replacement, or simply buying a replacement and then deducting that amount from the rent. KEEP IN MIND, CANNOT upgrade the appliance to a better or expensive MUST replace it (as the landlord would also be required to do...although the landlord COULD choose to upgrade if they wanted to) with a LIKE KIND APPLIANCE. If the appliance was old, it's possible it might cost MORE to replace than to repair...and you should also seek a repair person out and get a bid as to what THOSE costs would be BEFORE you buy a new one. SAVE ALL RECEIPTS for any money you spend (if the appliance was added to the Rental Agreement for things the Landlord WOULD BE responsible for). Include COPIES of those receipts (not the originals) with your next rent payment and a letter explaining that you had it repaired or replaced at your expense and this is why the rent is short. If it is NOT part of the agreement, then you are just shit out of luck and need to save up to buy your own appliances or rent some, or wash at a laundry facility, which has pros and cons. Good luck...and I hope your parents will decide to BE parents and take an active roll. Unless you are over 18...this is supposed to be THE PARENT'S PROBLEM NOT THE CHILDREN!
  • Your landlord is in the business of providing you with a home. You pay for the right to occupy the premises, and to use its facilities and services. If a landlord provides you with an appliance - it must work properly. If it does not, your landlord must fix it or replace it. No contract whether a tenancy agreement or some other document can impose terms or conditions to the detriment of one party and not the other. Any conditions in a contract which interfere or take away your legal rights under the law are invalid and cannot be enforced. How much rent do you pay over the year, and how many years has the landlord been renting out this premises? Over that time, how much money has the landlord collected from his obedient tenants and how much has he done in the way of maintenance, repairs and upkeep? Speak to your local office of Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs, or similar. There may be also be a community agency which can offer free advice to tenants - look them up and ask questions.
  • First read your lease over and find out who it states is in charge of repairs. Second, code enforcement for your state.. Your local apartment association can help... I have been a leasing specialist for 11 years and what ever you do contact the correct people.. If you listen to some of this hog wash on here you may lose your home on an eviction status and well good luck on getting another apartment for 7 to 10 years.
  • what ever was included in the house when you moved in is part of the rent. either take part of the rent money and replace it or make a new agreement for a lower rent. otherwise follow the advice given by white bear.
  • If you have a good lease, it will state what the responsibilities are. But don't think that a fairly new or brand new appliance that 'broke down' becausee of your misuse will be readily replaced. If you are 100% in the clear and lease does not state clearly what is to be done, contact your local housing authority to get the proper advise. Withholding rent is rarely an option with which yoou can win.

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