• what's funny is that i'm a 16 year old gamer who stays up alot and i somehow became one of the most popular people at my school. (no this was not a math/science oriented school)
  • Well I think thats human nature! Now if you begin to worry constantly and for long periods of time... then thats pretty silly! But consider spending time on the computer an educational experience! Wouldn't you rather be learning then getting drunk at a bar? Now I sound silly..
  • I think now that you have opened Pandora's box, that you should worry how people online perceive you since this is where you have invested most of your time. Balance your cyber and your human relationships equally and I am sure you will find the happy medium.
  • I work with computers, so computers are my misresses, but I never worry about what people think of me.
  • I kinda work with computers, so computers are my misresses, but I never worry about what people think of me. That behavior is new to me.
  • I would say it is silly. I spend a fair amount of time on the computer so I am biased. The amount of time spent on the computer compared to other activities is corelated to extra happiness and excellent typing skills both things needed in your future. Unless of course there is a power failure and then of course we are all doomed.
  • dont worry about what people think, its your life and you can do whatever you please! I love being on the computer, apart from working and taking care of my family its the only other thing i do. Its better than taking alcohol or drugs, so let people think what they like.... we all love you Ender xx
  • i think it would probably depend on what you're doing on the computer. if you're a porn addict, then yes, you have issues. if you're a gamer addict and you have a family to tend to, yes, you have issues. it's called balance...............try it! save your computer time for when everyone else is asleep and spend the time with what's most important in your life (your family/friends) not via the net: Live or Memorex, give me LIVE please!
  • who cares what people think! im on the cmoputer allllll the time. i never hear the end of it. but you know what oh well! better than spending my time doing drugs! dont feel bad about it, computers are very fun and theyre a good way to connect you to learn more about your surrounding environment :D
  • People who care about you shouldn't perceive you and those who perceive you don't care about you. You really got nothing to lose

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