• Emotion and instinct are parts of human nature. There is simply no way to argue without some sort of emotional bias. I think that reason can only bring us so far, and that we must move beyond reason in order to solve some of life's greatest questions.
  • It is not supposed to be the case but I think unless in a science lab. situation it probably does have some effect.
  • I think emotion/feelings are the great motivator for everything that happens in life.
  • No. Emotion clouds reason. It is useful when sublimated into service of intuition.
  • It can interfere with critical thinking, but we all experience emotions, so the issue is to what degree we can control them when necessary.
    • Franco333
      Different methods exist to control emotions. Zen has its non-attachment, a decent intro to which is the book 'Let go! Theory & Practice of Detachment According to Zen' ISBN# 978-0877282365. The Benjee and Natha Sects have their Vairagya practices. These are but two of many. To what degree emotions can be controlled depends on the techniques used, the practitioner, and his determination to affect change. Gurdjieff had much to say on the mindset needed to make such changes. I would say that each person can control his emotions much better than he currently does, yet most recognize no need for improvement. Most prefer to fly on 'auto-pilot', rather than take over the wheel.
  • Emotion is the main avenue the media uses to control the way people think, act, and behave. Sympathy is a great motivator. The sales profession uses emotional selling all the time - attractive packaging, turning a *desire* for something into a *need* for one is immune. However, the most effective use of what I call "emotional extortion" is used by those who control the media. It's the media that has blown COVID way out of proportion, and it's emotion that manipulates people into practicing Political Correctness (which is nothing but a social cancer), and it was emotion that turned a large part of the country against Trump even before he won the 2016 election (or does no one remember the emotional mass hysteria that took place on election day?). Going back to a previous question, the purveyors of Communism use emotion to con followers into blindly supporting the majority instead of thinking for themselves.

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