• "Please tell me what's wrong, maybe we can work this out" - to Lily, my cat. "Why are you so angry?" - to Rosa, my other cat. "You are so beautiful and I love you so much. you are my best non-human friend and I wish you a long, long life of happiness and joy." - to Diddi, my dog.
  • To my long gone Hannah banana, my cat - "thank you for loving and taking care of me."
  • Sammy my forever kitten (she's three): Was it hard for you when we gave your kittens away?
  • To my long gone first dog Abby (Old English Sheepdog)...I wished for you for many christmases and many birthdays, finally I got you and you made me the happiest 1st grader in the world. After Mom told me you ran away, I still looked for you/called your name for a long time. You were loved very much. (The day my mother gave her to me I cried tears of happiness...I was 7yrs old, a few years later she got hit by a UPS truck but my mom told me she ran away)
  • To Justin (tricolour cavalier king charles spaniel - died 2001) "Thanks for being a great companion, my favourit dog, so loyal - sorry about the end, hope you forgive me and please wait for me at rainbow bridge." To Marty (ruby cavalied king charles spaniel - living) "You had a hard act to follow, but between you and me you've turned out to be better behaved than Justin and have never once growled at me! What I like best is when you race accross the field to me with your ears flapping. You dogs are all so full of life....we have so much to learn from you."
  • After the fiorst 2 years my dogs started bossing me around and then they started bossing everybody that came into the house around. So, my chihuahua, Spooki and dashhound Copper, even both died of human heart problems. Not dog problems but human problems. So they were more human than most are.

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