• Good bye, btw you never told us if you were male or female. DWW, why are you leaving?
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      BTW I am not personally attached to avatars I meet online. Nor am I attached to people behind answers I don't know. The whole thing is meaningless. Sorry. lol
  • 11/24/2023, we already lost Linda Joy, 11stevo73, Professor Yaffle who may leave and now you? That's 4 AB'ers who make a difference here. I have always respected you. Unfortunately, not everyone respects each other on Answerbag. I've been verbally attacked and cussed out for years on this site. Am I supposed to call it quits? No! Answerbag is not for very sensitive people. This is something I have learned from the old site, which was far worse when it came to trolls and non-stop arguments. To me, Answerbag is the best Q&A website. If you go to Fluther, Blurtit, answerMug or elsewhere, the users there question, how are things going on Answerbag. The reason they ask, they miss this site. You once claimed you were going to report this site to the FBI, cause users are being rude to you. Ignore the negativity is what you should do.
  • Alas, it seems another one bites the dust. Soon, this site will also just fade away due to lack of users. Good luck and best wishes. We shall miss you. 11/25/23
  • I'll miss you too DWWs. If you ever change your mind, return you're welcomed back here.
  • Linda Joy and Stevo were hardecore Trumpsters who were probably arrested for their participation in Jan 6th. lol I kinda like Professor Yaffle, although I didn't see him a lot. I have no idea why he left. Why are you leaving DWW?
  • It won’t be the same without you. You are among those that have greatly contributed to Answerbag with useful answers and questions and appreciating answers given. You will be missed.

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