• I could bore you with a recent success I had at work, but maybe more relatable, yesterday, I made the best mac and cheese I think I've ever made.
  • bostjan the adequate 🥉 I tried to ask a question but it didn't publish all the text for some reason, I've tried editing it too and that doesn't work either
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I know exactly what happened. You tried to use a backtick in place of an apostrophe. It happens all of the time, especially with site users outside of North America. I don't think anyone outsite of site staff knows the reason why that particular punctuation mark in any question breaks the site, but I am certain that it does. Try using this type of apostrophe: ' ... I'll post the one that breaks the site consistently in the next comment below to see what happens, but it may post nothing.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      This is the "backtick: `
  • Asking numerous questions on Answerbag. 😄

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