• Odd jobs around the neighbourhood - probably around 8, honestly. Regular paycheck job - 16.
  • I had my first paper route when I was 11 Years old.
  • My first job that garnered me a paycheck was when I was 14. I hired on as the "chore boy" at a local guest ranch. They called them "dude ranches" back then. I was required to help feed and care for chickens, hogs, cattle and horses, groom and saddle horses for the wrangler led rides. Unsaddle and groom them when the got back. Gather eggs, milk cows and put the several gallons of milk daily thru a cream separator. We used the cream, and gave the skim milk to the hogs. I had to help the cooks at meal times with dishes and pots and pans and simple cooking when they were slammed, then mop the floor after they were done. On Saturdays, I and the regular weekend dishwasher used the cream the cooks had prepared to make home made vanilla ice-cream for dessert after dinner. It was a fun summer and I learned a lot from the various chores they made me do. I didn't make much money though. Other than that I, I can't really remember not working at some project with the parents or grand parents. Some of my earliest memories are gathering and preparing stuff we gathered with grandma. 11/18/23
  • I was 16. Finished my exams at school on the Wednesday, started full time work the following Monday.,
  • Age 15/16
  • door-to-door sales: under 10 * real work: 14, for a nearby farmer

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