• Two reasons: 1. They don't want to deal with the chaos of potentially over a million Palestinians, some of whom are likely up to no good, flooding toward Cairo. 2. They don't want to make an easy out for Israel - the chaos there benefits Egypt as an enemy of Israel.
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      Egypt is not an enemy of Israel Since 1973. It recognized Israel's right to exist back then.
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      Not recognizing someone's right to exist is only one of a number of potential prerequisites to being enemies, though. And actually, 1973 was only when Egypt stopped actively warring with Israel. They didn't recognize Israel as a nation until 1980, and has broken diplomatic ties and re-established them a number of times since then. Although it's been about ten years since the two militaries have exchanged fire, there have also been numerous threats from one side to the other. About 85% of Egyptian citizens interviewed felt that Israel and Egypt are hostile toward one another. I'm quite certain that at least close to a majority of Israelis would feel similarly. Israel and Egypt are enemies the same way Iran and the USA are enemies.
  • Theres all ready a lot of people in Egypt theres millions of people wandering around the desert it seamed like a million maybe not that many but compared to Australian deserts where there are very few people in the desert Egypt had lots of people in the middle of no where. Why cant the people goto the rest of Palestine? Just a little bit of country stealing going on .Why am I meant to think Jews are the victims here? They are stealing land and murdering people. Is it only genocide when jews are killed don't Arabs count?
  • None of the other Arab countries have offered to accept the Palestinians.
  • Palestinians can be particularly nasty. They supported Saddam Hussein and the Kuwait invasion and the overthrow of King Hussein of Jordan. They are Arab radicals but they were radicalized by the Jews.
  • They don't want any terrorists to slip into Egypt from Gaza.
  • Because the palis are trouble makers. Here is a short video explaining why none of the neighbors want them coming in; 12/30/23

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