• I saw an interview excerpt on the news about him and he says he was checked out by the capital doctor and he was given a clean bill of health. No stroke, no aneurisms no reason for the freeze up that they could find with the equipment and technology available to them. "Senior moment" is about all it seems. I don't think he's "stealing" anything from anybody. and neither do his constituents from KY. They keep voting him back into office time after time. Our recurring election system is supposed to provide publicly approved term limits to political figures, but it seems some voters vote incumbent no matter what. 9/7/23
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Paraphrase quote: "Democracy basically means government by the peopleā€¦ but the people are [idiots]." So, saying that X must be a decent leader because X won an election is a fallacy. Saddam Hussein technically won the Iraqi election of 1979 by a sweeping landslide (I believe the ballots basically gave the option of yes Saddam or no Saddam). Three different Kim's have won elections in North Korea. Hitler won the German election (by plurality, not majority). Etc. etc. But, unfortunately, we don't know any better way of choosing who will lead.
    • dalcocono
      Yup, another good reason for a new amendment installing term limits for all federal elected officials, IMHO. Did anybody actually run against Saddam or the Kims?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I agree. Of course no one has ever run against them. To do so would be suicide. In North Korea, write-ins are allowed on the ballot, but for the position of President, no one other than the three Kims have ever appeared on the ballot. I had to research Saddam's election, since I was a little foggy, but I was correct in recalling that the ballot options were "Yes Saddam" or "No Saddam." In that case, it appears that it was NOT a secret ballot, either, so anyone voting "No Saddam" would be doing so under extreme risk of reprisal. Even so, around a thousand people openly voted "No Saddam" in '79. Similarly, Russia has an open ballot where anyone can run; however, candidates and campaign workers opposing Putin have just had the worst luck when it comes to being "accidentally poisoned," being randomly stabbed in the park by unknown hooligans, having misfortunate mishaps falling out of windows, or their airplanes randomly exploding mid-air.
  • He had a mini stroke.
    • 11stevo73
      thats what I think happened also.

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