• I usually don't read profiles, but you got me interested. Your profile synopsis reminds me of the lyrics to a song I wrote ages ago. Anyway, this site, in its former incarnation, allowed substantially more customization of profiles and whatnot, so, being limited to a little blurb of text without proper paragraph-level punctuation is a bit disappointing. I suppose it's still much better than nothing, though, so I'll try to make an effort to see what people are all about from now on.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      That is good to hear. My profile synopsis are my own words and I don’t copy anyone. It’s better to use your own use of words. Thanks for showing interest. It’s good to show interest in others.
  • I will check out a profile if something catches my attention. I will sometimes check out a new user to see if they are new or returning, but sometimes they just start a new profile. Sometimes new users need help. Sometimes I'll see a question written by someone who gives good answers and so then I'll check out what other questions they've written. Or like those who write the same question over and over. Sometimes they need reported for duplicates. Or those that write offensive questions... sometimes the first one you see isn't the first one they've written. Checking out their profiles and reporting them will get them gone. Short term at first maybe but trolls tend to get frustrated.
  • I just answer the questions.
  • Yes, especially if there's someone drawing a lot of attention on this site. Reading profiles is not an online dating thing or a stalking thing. It is simply to get to know what users 👥 are about.
  • I have a look sometimes

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