• Unless you solely live online, you are a physical being. So, I suppose, whether you like it or not, there will always be some form of physical judgement, spoken or not, which is unavoidable for virtually all people. To verbalize that judgement to a total stranger as you walk by might take a certain type of personality, but, I feel like we've made a lot of those sorts of personalities into our role models lately. So I guess that it's just a result of building the society we have built.
  • I actually get too distracted on my cell phone or I have other things on my mind to be paying attention to a person's abnormal appearance.
  • Not helped by social media, like buttons, and airbrushing. The world has become more superficial, you can only change yourself Shadow, if you take the time to see the beauty in others, not just the outside, then at least you're not losing out. But with everyone else they have to reach their own realisation that the more we identify with just our outsides, the more imprisoned by vanity we become.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I know how to see beauty on the inside by sensing it.
  • I'd say the number one reason is leveling. They think putting someone else down or pointing out their flaws makes them seem somehow better. But there are other reasons. I'd have to know the "passing comment" to understand more though. You know, this is a good example of why you are sometimes misunderstood. You give hints at what happened and leave us to guess what was said. If you don't want to be misunderstood be more specific. I've made "passing comment(s)" to others to compliment them on something. I don't just make it up though. That's insincere. And you judging them as shallow is just as wrong as them judging you for whatever they said. Maybe they have a brother or bf or s.o. that has the same feature and they were simply pointing it out.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      It is shallow minded to judge a person based on their physical appearance. When I say passing comments, it would be something disrespectful being said. If I was to specify something disrespectful said about a person’s physical appearance I would probably be reported and I don’t like to say things that are disrespectful having to say what was said by the person who made the passing comment. In other words, it’s not a compliment they said. It’s the opposite. Someone might say something disrespectful towards another who is obese for example or a facial feature that someone disagrees with. They could be called ugly because of their facial appearance or someone who walks differently but it’s not their fault since they might have motor function difficulties. Some people are intolerant of those differences I mentioned. It’s just ignorance.

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