• I'm heavyier me. My tv is 5 or 6 years old so me not by much. I dont watch enough tv to buy a 4k tv. the tv before that was close to heavier than me.
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      I am told that less than 5% of movies and TV shows made today are 4K compatible. I'm surprised. Most TV's are 4K. I think it would be higher.
  • I honestly don't have a tv. Gave the last two away. I watch videos online.
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      That's a smart thing to do I think I'd go insane if I didn't have TV.
  • I am bigger in size than the television in the house.
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      So you have a TV outside? How does that work?
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      No. Not outside. The television is inside the house. It works when it’s plugged in and I know my own height as well as the television’s height.
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      Okay, ty.
  • My biggest TV is 85" inches or 7 feet 1 inches by which I'm under 6 feet tall.
  • We are the same size.

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