• There are people that discriminate of every nationality.
  • Many people categorize Mexicans as "White". The same is true of Arabs / Middle Easterners, for example, and several other groups (for example: the Brahmins of India or the Ainu of Japan.) that some of the more well-known racist groups might not categorize as "White". So: when analyzing the ...doctrines of any particular pro-"White" racist group, one of the questions is: "What does this particular group consider to be "White", and what does it consider to be "non-White"?
  • The way I look at it the term "white nationalist" is just a polite term for being a "racist". Most racists get insulted when called out for being racist; however, they seem proud to be a white nationalist. In my opinion Fuentes is a racist no matter his race. Other racists have labeled him a white nationalist & he accepted the moniker proudly. I'm just waiting for Ye to claim the moniker white nationalist!!!
  • Mexicans are considered Caucasian just the same a white people are. Mexican is not a race it is a nationality.

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