• I can't say for sure, but it seems that not a day goes by when I don't read something about a vaccinated person dying. Now that you mention it, I don't recall reading anything about any unvaccinated person dying.
    • Majik-1
      My BFF's unvaccinated brother just died from it after suffering for 6 months. I also lost 3 friends from 1 family with a half hour of each other. Mom guilted the rest of the kids into getting vaccinated because she couldn't stand losing another child.
    • Army Veteran
      Sorry to hear that.
  • This article is SLIGHTLY dated (June, 2022), but does a great job explaining why that metric has little value. [[ ]] What we see in that article is that the PERCENTAGE of vaccinated people dying is FAR, FAR lower than the percentage of unvaccinated people dying. Roughly: an 8 times higher percentage of unvaccinated people have died from covid compared to vaccinated people. So: even IF more vaccinated people have died from covid, I'll still rather take the 8 times less likely to die benefit that vaccinated people enjoy.
    • Army Veteran
      It depends on how they're categorized. Because the CDC has been using data from the normal cold and flu season to keep the published death rate elevated, and because healthcare facilities were being paid to report ANY death as COVID, and because the Liberal media published their fake news, there is actually no way to know just how many COVID deaths occurred and how many were invented to satisfy the Liberal agenda.
  • Not true!
    • 11stevo73
      How do you come to this conclustion?
  • 11/29/2022, based on The Washington Post: "For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine." "It’s no longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated" is the latest news.

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