• Majourity of the world calls cell phones mobile phones. Wait Ive left my moblie inside I'll go and get it.
  • We say "mobile phone" or "mobile" in the UK and have done since the suitcase sized models of the early 80s. In Germany they call it "das handy" or "Mobiltelefon." I think "mobile phone" or local translations are more common than "cellphone" or "celular phone."
  • I've never really noticed - I just say "phone".
  • Just "phone". Or "my number is".
  • most ppl call them cell phones not mobile phones
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      People in my country, Ireland say mobile phones or just phones
    • 11stevo73
      same in Australia no one ever says cell phone Ive only ever heard that term on American TV.
  • I say mobile. Cell I think of a jail cell but that's just me.

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