• 1) Get renter's insurance (or homeowner's insurance) to pay for most of the damages. 2) Before shelling out thousands of $$$ for a pest control company, go to Walmart and buy some bug bombs to set off in your house. They work quite well - they took care of a spider and centipede infestation I had. 3) Get a pest control company to spray around the outside of your home - stopping them before they get in is the first step.
    • mushroom
      Bug bomb foggers will not be very effective at killing cockroaches in a home because the insects hide in cracks along the baseboards or behind appliances, where very little of the fogger will reach. It is more effective to spread diatomaceous earth or boric acid powders around the likely hiding areas. Use only products marked for pesticide use. Wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after use.
  • Don't leave food and dirty dishes laying around.
  • have a pest man yearly
  • Make as certain as you can you don't leave food in your place.
  • Make sure your exterminator is under contract as you will probably need them again.
  • Didn't you spend $5k getting rid of roaches 3 or 4 months ago? How many times have I told you what to do about it? Move House. When your neighbour breeds them it doesn't matter what you do they will still come .
  • Every time you see one pick it up and eat it. They are full of protein.😖
    • mushroom
      Wild bugs are also full of bacteria and other nasties. Now bugs raised in a clean environment will be no dirtier than that environment and could serve as a protein source.

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