• Gardening, painting, drawing, modelling clay, cleaning, stroking animals, massage, anything that distracts or any activity that engulfs you to a point that you don't even know you exist, because you are so focused or absorbed.
  • Netflix and YouTube.
  • You could try to resolve the issues that are causing you stress. If you can't do that, try comedy, music or Youtube.
  • Grow up. This isn't meant to be a put-down. A sad fact is that when Socialism started working its way into the fabric of this country through Political Correctness, "No Child Left Behind", the masqueraded concept of "everyone should be treated equal" (such a concept has to be earned), participation trophies and other (fill in the blank) "_______ is not your fault" forms of positivity, the damage it created has weakened it both economically and morally. This is one example of how Socialism destroys a country. Now, a large population of younger people who bought into the Socialism lies are learning that life isn't the bed of roses they were expecting - and they can't handle it. Like it or not, the only solution is to take a crash course in "living in the real world" and learn how to handle stress. Grow up. You may not think you're up to the task, but there's an old saying that you might consider - "You'd be surprised what a person can handle when he has to."
    • Shadow
      I am grown up. I am an adult. Your answer is unhelpful compared to other people’s on here.
    • Hulk70166
      1465 if you hate socialism so much why do you support Putin?
  • I think everyone has to find their own answer to this question. Yoga does not help me well. Instead, walks with my dog help me relax very well. I like to be in nature. When I can observe how the plants and landscapes change with the seasons, it helps me to concentrate on the moment. Otherwise, it is also very soothing for me to take a long, warm bath while reading a good book. Netflix and YouTube help me to distract and entertain myself. But I can't really relax while watching something.
    • Shadow
      Good answer. I tried yoga years back which did not help me. I have a dog and I go for walks with him and I enjoy nature. Although I feel relaxed in myself sometimes my head hurts from stress caused by people who try to mess with my head. Although I don’t let them in my mind, people are the main cause of my stress.

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