• I don't clean it, don't need to because one of my strictest rules is no eating or drinking there or the vehicle! Just use some compress air when needed March.14.2022
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  • After spilling coffee in mine, I bought my first wireless - and I love it. The way I clean it is to use a fluffy duster when dust starts making an appearance. I do eat around mine but I cover it when I'm eating something messy (like soup or something sloppy). Every once in a while, there will come a time to actually put a damp rag to it to get rid of splatters. To do this, I just turn it off, get a slightly damp rag (paper towel, usually), and press firmly (not overly firmly) on the keys as I wipe away the grime. This will depress the keys enough to allow me to catch the entire top of the keyboard. If needed, I use a dry paper towel to dry it.
  • Turn it over & knock it on the desk then run the brush attachment of the vaccuum cleaner over it.
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  • I use a can of air spray.
  • Clean them??!! I thought they were disposable! lol My son and I managed to wear out a supposedly indestructible keyboard. It was pretty cool! It was flexible and covered with a malleable plastic. You could roll it up. For real though, I usually just turn it over and bang it to knock out the crumbs and wipe it off when I get something on it. I'm not a germaphobe who compulsively sanitizes. I believe you should let the kid put a toy that's been on the floor into their mouths to get their little bodies accustomed to fighting germs. "Hygiene Hypothesis states that children who have less exposure to infectious agents at an early age may have suppressed immune systems that are more susceptible to allergens and germs as adults.",developing%20a%20strong%20immune%20system.
  • 15th july2022-some times with a skinny painting brush........also i tip upside down and gently tap it..i wipe over with one of them kill germ cloths ... ya can take the keys out ,one at a time ,but thats tricky and not worth it really
  • I rarely need to, but when I do, I give it the full treatment. Take the keyboard apart. Wash all of the non-electric parts in warm, soapy water. Rinse in clean water. Dry carefully (usually I let dry 48 hours or more). Dust the electric components, as needed. Re-assemble and you're good to go.

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