• By that time, they'll be wards of the federal government, living in a homosexual commune.
  • An answer may be found in the polio mass vaccination push in the 1950s. Within the first few months of the rollout, a small number of vaccinated children contracted polio. It turned out that one laboratory manufactured defective vaccines. After a few years of kerfluffle over that, a new vaccine was released, leading to the disease reportedly being wiped out in the US within 20 years' time. In comparison, the worldwide push for Covid vaccines, now over 2 years along and with much faster reporting, has returned no such known pattern of harmful effect.
  • i wont be having any 5th booster!!!!!! these vaccinations really dont work properly ..they say it keeps people out of hospital, but many here honestly have died thats had all the vaccinations including booster!.they say they had issues ....

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