• No. It depends on the particular test (how they are defining "close relative"). PROBABLY it means that there is a 75% chance that you are related within two or three "removes". In family relationship terminology a "remove" is a single generation. Thus: your parents and your children are "one remove" away from you. Your siblings, half-siblings, grandchildren and grandparents are "two removes" away from you. Your blood-aunts and uncles, your nephews and nieces, your great-grandchildren and great-grandparents are "three removes" away from you. etc. BUT AGAIN: it depends on the specific DNA test. The wording "close relatives" is (to my mind) suspiciously vague. *** If you want to know if you are half- or full- sibling to someone, the best bet is to have a comparative DNA test ***with your parents DNA***. That should be able to narrow down which, if either, of the supposed parents is a biological parent.

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