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  • The hilt has a shape that is SLIGHTLY reminiscent of what is called a "push dagger". However: I think it would be quite awkward to attempt to use it in such a manner. Maybe it could function (uncomfortably) as a two-handed push dagger? The "doubled cross" hilt combined with the "eye" suggest to me that it is NOT Christian. It's not close enough to the "Cross of Lorraine" (a double-barred Christian cross associated with Hungary and the Duchy of Lorraine) for me (no expert) to identify it as such. It's strange to see a dagger with (apparently) two guards. But...{{ }} My guess: it's purely a fantasy piece, not based on any actual historical weapon that was ever used by actual historical people. Second guess: some sort of ritualistic weapon (but then, why the seemingly dreadfully uncomfortable hilt?)
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      thank you for your comments. BTW, the eye isn't the Illuminati. Its called the "Eye of Providence" Its the all-seeing eye of God

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