• A week of happiness in December!!!
    • Linda Joy
      Only one week in December? You deserve more than that!
  • We - human beings - don't deserve anything from "nature" or "the Universe". Even our existence is a "gift" (if you're a theist) or something like a "fortunate result of a lengthy and uncertain chain of events" (if you are not a theist). We don't "deserve" even to live. Even to exist. That is: from the point of view of "nature" or "the Universe". ***From the point of view of rational humanity***, individual humans deserve certain things. The right to live. The right to earn a living (that is: the right to work for food, shelter and clothing). Etc. BUT...we deserve these things from other humans - or, you might say, from human societies. We don't deserve such things from "nature" or from "the Universe"...or from God. ****SO****...does everyone deserve something new because of last year? No, of course not. Not from nature. Not from the Universe. Not from human society. Not from God. Only those who have earned such a thing (typically: by dint of useful work, or at least a desirable though useless product of work) deserve such a thing, and they can prove they deserve it because they can afford it.

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