• Baked, roasted or chipped are my favourites.
    • Linda Joy
      does 'chipped' mean potato chips/crisps, or in a gravy like chipped beef?
    • Professor Yaffle
      Chipped potatoes (or chips) are what you call fries, but they're usually a bit fatter.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, ok. I always called those home fries, but just learned that home fries can be in wedges, slices, or chunks and still have the peel on. The difference is that they are not 'deep fried' like French fries are.
    • Professor Yaffle
      Yes, "home fries" would be classed as chips & can be oven cooked, shallow or deep fried. Chips from a "Fish'n'Chip" shop will always be deep fried, it's been our traditional fast food for about 200 years.
  • Love my Carbs
    • Linda Joy
      So any and all potatoes have your approval?
  • any way is yummy
  • Fried or roasted
  • Scalloped potato casserole would be first choice. Potato soup runner-up.
  • fried or if frozen, baked.
    • Linda Joy
      You know McDonald's fries come frozen. Just sayin'!
  • I like all types of potatoes.

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