• i never really dreamed ..i just lived my life as best i could and spat out the pits along the way
  • A 'bowl of cherries'? Are you retired? I miss the days when I could work!! And if you have a bowl of pits it means you ate the cherries, and now you can plant cherry trees. That is if your cherries weren't hybrids.
  • I've been retired from employment for 10 years. I don't miss having to work.
  • There's an old saying that says, "Be careful what you wish for". A person works his whole life dreaming of the day when he could retire and spend his time doing anything he wants. But when that day arrives, he suddenly finds out that 1) his retirement income isn't allowing him to live the lifestyle he dreamed of, 2) many family and friends are gone, so there's no one to do things with - and doing them by yourself gets very lonely. 3) Your health is starting to fade and you can't do the things you once did. [] The one thing that has improved is that I have more time to educate myself - but at my age, was it worth it? Would I be willing to trade what I know now for the chance to go back and be my old reckless self with my old friends again? Absolutely - in a heartbeat.

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