• I think I put more emphasis on the lyrics. But if its a good dance beat sometimes I can appreciate that even without lyrics.
  • i need to like the tune first
  • The lyrics are the most important. The message of the song is what the song is all about.
  • The music. I've often hated or been indifferent to lyrics but enjoyed the music and its arrangement. Quite often, when I've read lyrics without the music, I've found them really trite and banal.
  • I cannot understand the lyrics many times.
    • Linda Joy
      But now we can google them!
  • A good song tells a story. The lyrics are the more important. Any tune can be used for lyrics. An example of this is "He's So Fine" by The Chiffons and "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison - both share the same tune (Harrison was sued for using it and had to buy the song "He's So Fine" to be able to use the tune). but both tell their own unique stories.

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