• Commercially available lightbulbs don't cause fires, unless you pile things like paper and cloth on top of them. You might want to check the wattage of the bulbs already in your flat. Take one along to the shops and ask for help. Here in the States, a 75-watt (75w) bulb is pretty standard, but I don't remember how UK bulbs are labeled, whether it's done differently.
    • Mike32591
      Thanks, yes I did that, but it's still confusing, I bought two bulbs that are just several mm bigger than my last bulbs with the Same wattage
    • mushroom
      Lamp bulbs may come in various decorative shapes and sizes, besides the watt rating. The shape doesn't matter, but you want to avoid having bulbs contacting the lamp shades. Don't exceed any total watt rating marked on the fixture..
  • Ask the seller which one is better for your flat, don't forget to tell him/her about the size of your room and how bright you want it to be or the color of the light. I personally have one yellow and one white, those florescent ones that are like 10-20W
  • 40 watts pretty dim for ceiling .60 or .75 watts trial and error ...lamp shades dont need high watts

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