• Yes I'm new here from YA! and when I saw the thumbs up, naturally I looked for a thumbs down. I was disappointed when I didn't see one. I'm also a little disappointed with the emojis. nothing negative except for the devil. they could at least give us one with a raspberry. but coming from YA! with no comments, I can't complain too much.
  • There is about a dozen things it could stand to update and another half dozen things it should bring back. I liked it better when it was all blue and white too.
  • Yes, I fully support a thumbs down feature for this site
  • Thumbs down is just mean! That's one of the reasons I like this site way better than YA. If you disagree just say so. Why would anyone come here and invest their time trying to answer questions only to have them unappreciated?
  • Yes, I miss having that, lol.
  • some people get hurt by thumbs down and some people thumb down if they dislike a person even if it was a great answer so i dont think its a good idea here had it and mean people just went there and thumbed heaps down just for kicks

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