• Thanks for your question Linda, Hello newcomers my name is DancesWithWolves and my avatar is 2 Wolves hugging one another by the way my email is in my profile so you want chat or need talk I answer all emails Thank You
    • Celifrog
      Oh okay, wasn't quite sure what your profile picture was. :) Thanks for sharing.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Your Welcome :)
  • ^_^ Sure, I'm from Yahoo Answers. It's closing in a few days and, this is my favorite alternative at the moment. I love how there's no problems with point gaming here and leaving crappy answers as fast as possible to get the privilege to ask more questions.
  • Welcome to the AB domain! I apologize if you were promised that there would be refreshments. Due to budget cuts, well, you know... My name is Bostjan. I like science and music. I was on the original AB and I could also be found from time to time on YA and Quora. I hope you all like it here, because we certainly like this site having a little more activity, and I've seen a good broad spectrum of personalities and opinions, which is great.
  • Hi I'm Charin Cross. I came from YA! I looked hard for a similar website and is it. I recommended it to YA!ers before it closed. I'll contribute positively to the site and help, and educate wherever i can. this looks like a cool site. I think I'll like it here. 😊
    • Celifrog
      Also like it here, you may have been the one to recommend it to me, can't quite remember :)
  • Nah. People are just not all they are cracked up to be. I'm Doug Linda, good to meet you, regardless of how it is only online.
  • I'm a newcomer. I was using yahoo answers but it now closed down. I'm just an ordinary guy who likes discussion and conversations on various topics. I prefer easy questions, obviously.

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