• Seriously though, if you have issues controlling these things wear an adult diaper and carry at least a handkerchief just in case! I had issues when they put me on metformin. But I was able to just stay home at that time. I understand sometimes if you get bad food or pick up a viral bug it can hit you without notice! Bless your heart!! I'm so sorry this happened to you! Oh and you can get diapers prescribed to you if you can't afford to buy them if you are on medicare, I think. The VA does. Ask your doctor if this becomes an issue. For me its a little embarrassing to have to ask someone to reach something for me. Hey maybe I should carry a cane with me with a little step on it so I can reach things! Or would that be even more embarrassing? Heck, just the cane to knock stuff down and catch it would work.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you for your kindness, Yep it hit me all of sudden :)

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