• I've felt the same way myself. Most of the people that were here 4 years ago aren't anymore. I no longer get notifications (since Jan) when someone comments on an answer or answers a question. This makes conversation more difficult. I also get a lot more answers to my questions and have more friends on the other Q&A sites I use. I honestly haven't seen very many questions from you lately.
    • Linda Joy
      I think only one of your last 20 questions went without an answer, and I've answered almost all of them!
  • I don't know. I tend to disappear for a bit and then return. Maybe because I loved the old site so much. I miss the really funny people that were here! I've definitely seen really entertaining AB'ers get bullied until they leave. As if diversity and other opinions aren't welcome here when that is what might make this site better! I'm glad you are still here since you are funny and knowledgeable.
    • Linda Joy
      I was bullied a lot my first year here. Particularly by those who disagreed with my religion, even though I never tried to force my opinion or religion on anyone. I had someone tell me I should shoot myself in the head just because I asked (for another person at the time) about vegetarian dishes for breakfast, I think. But I refused to let anyone run me off and stood up to them. I know how you feel about the old AB though. I felt that way about MSN's Q&A site. It closed, but I found a lot of my old friends on FB. Its not the same, though.

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