• Sorry IDK Hoping you can find out. Gut feeling is they are pressuring you. I don't see any obligation to keep tutoring them . Was there a contract?
    • annaj8888
      Hi, thanks for your response. There is no contract, it is through, so I don't know why they keep contacting me. I don't think I made any promises to them either.
    • mugwort
      I'm no lawyer. That said since there's no contract I don't see an obligation. You explained why can't tutor them. Good luck
  • Block them if you have to. Your life is yours and so are your choices. Don't let others emotionally manipulate you. You fulfilled your side of the contract and they can get other tutors through the same agency. And if not maybe the subject is too hard for them. In any case the students need to learn to adapt. That's even more important for survival than anything you can learn in any one class at school!

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