• Well, I'm quite a bit older than the age when new music starts to all sound stupid. But I'll weigh in anyway, since I like rock music a lot more than any other active user here (anyone who disagrees with me will have to prove themselves in a rock-off). Dream Theater was a great band in the mid-90's up to around 2010ish. Check them out if you want to listen to something that sounds modern and rocks. If you like really hard rock, check out Slaughter to Prevail. They are from Russia and their vocalist makes people go insane. On the more moderate side, everything that has come out in the last 5 years is just kind of bland to me. You have Arctic Monkeys, who are interesting, but have been around a while now. A lot of newer music makes a splash because it sounds like something people remember from a long time ago. For example, bands like Wolfmother and Greta van Fleet made a big splash a few years ago because they reminded people of Led Zeppelin. To me, they sounded like Led Zeppelin, but were missing "the hook." I think that's a lot of music these days, it mimics other music but is less interesting than the old music it mimics. Either that, or it's so extremely unique that most people hate it.

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