• Carl Sagan, famous dead Cosmologist. In his series, Cosmos (which is still worth watching, and might be available free on you tube (if not, PBS will sell it I'm sure). It's a 13 hour-length part series, which explains what and where we are (in the universe), as best science understands it. In the course of this, he does express dismay at the folly of beliefism. It implied a sense of derision I enjoyed. (I've always liked characters who are smart, and irritated that most people are not) (eg, Star Trek's 'Q', Alex P Keaton, Brain of Pinky and The Brain, or even Lisa Simpson). Of course, Sagan wasn't just a character. He was a brilliant man who spoke only the facts for us, and that's all too rare.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      HERE IT IS:
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      One of my favorite things I ever watched. It's fascinating. it covers history here, but then goes on to explain that we are made of stardust, and what a 5th dimension would be like and such. Loved it. If you want to watch, you will have to find the other 12 episodes. This is episode 1. These are on you tube a lot, but usually people show just the middle of the picture and slow the sound down, to defeat the copyright bullcrap (which I am dismally ashamed of PBS for taking part in, Hell, that's OUR station!!!! Bastards)....but that's another subject. Just be careful you find the remaining episodes posted by the same poster....because these don't seem to be distorted and may be enjoyable to watch.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I also very much treasure the work of Joseph Campbell, who authored a textbook used in our schools (on Mythology). In another PBS series (I think 6 parts, The Power of Myth), he discusses with Bill Moyers that all religions start out being thought of as real, but then are eclipsed by a newer more attractive religion, and the previous one becomes considered MYTH. He says Christianity IS DESCENDING TOWARDS MYTH STATUS, and there will be a newer code that more satisfactorily explains our existence, in the face of knowledge we have gained since the time of burning goats to please an invisible omnipotence who threatens people monstrously.. And he explains that the creation (and lesson) stories man has always devised and retold to pass wisdom on, are very important to us, and he treasures them just doesn't start praying to any of them), because -as he recites in a poem at one point- you can pick any belief at all to imagine is real (since none are actually real). Zarathustra would be ok, it would serve the same purpose, and carry the same authenticity. Did you ever see Gilmour Girls? This series is mentioned in that shows, as being one of the girls absolute favorite series. I don't know why that should lend it any weight, but..They said it was an essential for any human to have seen, and this was a bit too girly of a show for me really, but I liked them for saying that. ((It was the 90's and womens rights were still expanding. New laws that guaranteed equal opportunity in school were resulting in a generation of female sports stars, dispelling the idea that only men can excel physically. I dont appreciate suggestions that feminist still need to act out, or that we should end genders (ick, frankly) but I did like the notion of us all being people, equal in that respect. And you were being denied an equal chance to play sports (until DEMOCRATS made laws giving that equal opportunity) And it resulted in womens golf not being a joke ab out hairy lesbians anymore. it became a serious sport, in which women finally were no longer called "women golfers" but just "golfers". That was a moment of victory for your gender. And I supported it. (I like the story of feminism because it is a very rare example in our history of people standing up for themselves to fix wrongs against them. (In fact no one stands up for themselves anymore. I think the republicans outlawed it! And put enough horse mounted soldiers in the way of democracy happening that no one tries anymore. But in the 19th century, women sat down, wrote out what they saw was wrong (The Declaration of Sentiments) and then fought 70 years if it took that long to fix those things, AND THEY DID. ....damn shame no one has balls like that anymore *smirk*
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      I HATE SPAM!!!
    • AskingForaFriend
      Thanks, I love Carl Sagan and I'm familiar with the original Cosmos series, but, I might watch it again now. And I don't know Joseph Campbell. I'll check him out :)
  • Margaret Sanger
  • Director James Cameron. Actor Kiera Nightly,Jodie Foster, julienne Moore, Javier Bardem, Emma Thompson Author Philip Pullman, Ray Kurzweil, (I did a search, now I cant make up my mind)
  • And what about Richard Attenborough...of wildlife fame...But just how can anyone with his experience if the diversity of life still promote evolution, the opposite of Bible teaching...and not give credit to our creating God, Jehovah.???? Evolution =atheism.
  • not sure
  • Stephen Hawking.

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