• yes 100% why wouldn't anybody
  • Yeah of course
  • Yes, yes, yes!
  • Marriage is a religious ceremony. The government should only issue civil contracts to straights or gays. All consenting adults should be allowed to get them. If you want a formal ceremony then you can hire clergy but no minister should be forced to conduct a ceremony that goes against his/her beliefs.
    • Revtim
      No minister, priest, or pastor has ever been forced to perform marriages against their will
    • OrangeDonRump
      Marriage is NOT a religious ceremony. It is ONLY religious when the couple chooses it to be. Many people are legally married by judges and ship captains, too - nowhere in our Constitution or our State Laws is anyone required to have religion or an imaginary god as part of the marriage process - that is VOLUNTARY. Besides, MANY religions approve of, bless and perform gay weddings. And there has never been a minister who was forced to perform a wedding that s/he didn't want to. So, suck on that, bigot!!
  • I'm a Christian I can't support gay anything but I can leave those people alone to do whatever they want to do without bothering them or molesting them.
    • OrangeDonRump
      It sure is nice when a bigot isn't in charge of anything. Many, many Christian Congregations all over the US and other countries perform and bless gay marriages.
  • Yes, I'm not a complete and utter douchebag.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Oh, there area a couple here already, above you...
  • Yes, I do. Same sex marriage has been a thing ever since marriage became a formal contract, all over the world.
  • Yes. 100%. My younger brother is gay, married, and they have two great children. I am their uncle and godfather. I am not a bigoted, hateful POS like some people...
  • I'd better....when I meet the right guy, I want to get married.

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