• I've participated in a lot of these activities at various phases of my life. Its a bit cold here for swimming and picnic during the winter holidays unless you bundle up. My plan this year is to stay home, listen to Christmas music, maybe get a tree out if I feel up to it, sip on some hot cocoa with a candy cane and read over Luke 2. I have a lot of favorite Christmas movies, but hadn't planned to watch them. Maybe I will. I don't do tv or video games. I've cooked and served both lunch and dinner for family and restaurant at some points in my life and I traveled from Bath Maine to central Alabama and back one year I was stationed in Maine. American football yes, other sports, not so much. We usually take a walk after eating. This year it kinda depends on my chemo schedule. I have chemo tomorrow and one other time this month, but I don't know yet if it will be before or after Christmas. Should be done with it soon!

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