• At least i got to spend the day with someone this time
  • We forget our troubles at Christmas. Not always things are peaceful but we care in our family. I went to my sister and her husband for Christmas. A calendar and Tim Horton`s coffee card was good to receive.
  • I will need to wait awhile.
  • No, but it was a good Christmas.
  • Got my two front teeth.
  • Not really, I've been waiting for 10 years. 10 LOOONG years for someone very special whom I love forever.
  • Not even a single time :/
  • My son and his fiance visited before Christmas, I saw Ali at Thanksgiving and my other two girls as well! I hadn't seen Gen in a year and a half. I learned she nearly died of an overdose. Woke up paralyzed from the waist down with her boyfriend dead in the next room. Scary true story! She had to learn to walk all over again. But she made it! I got diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and hyperplasia but no cancer so far. After I finally found my glasses I was able to make some gifts that made me happy. Since Gen is still homeless and walking I made her a couple of hats and scarves and then a pair of fingerless gloves and got her a pull behind luggage. I was able to make a blanket hat and booties for Chantil's new baby with a bag to stuff it in. Ali's all about the food so I made Thanksgiving dinner just for her! It was wonderful! I hadn't seen my son (my only biological child) in almost ten years and had never met his fiance! They live in Pennsylvania. What about you? Christmas is so much more fun with little ones around!

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