• Lots of different ways.
  • You have a poor credit score generally two main ways: Firstly, by having no credit history. So young people have low credit ratings, or people who haven't taken out loans or other forms of credit. Second, by taking out loans etc and then not paying them back, or missing payments or paying late.
  • By not having a high credit score. Before you think that answer is a cop-out, let me elaborate that the only way to get a high credit score is to have a good payment history. The only way to have a good payment history is to borrow a lot of money and to pay that money back on time without paying it off too rapidly.
  • They don't pay bills, they don't pay on time or as scheduled, their account goes into collection, etc.
  • By being poor to begin with.
    • Linda Joy
      Gotta prove to them you don't need the money in order to get the money! haha
  • People get a poor credit score from just living most often. With many cultures allowing credit cards to be so fleecing and needed just to make ends meet, no wonder there are so many riots around the planet anymore. bostjan64 and Murzy got it right.
    • Linda Joy
      So people riot because they don't pay their bills? I think you have a bit of a disconnect in your head! No one forces anyone to use credit cards. If you don't buy what you can't afford you don't go into debt to begin with and why would anyone EXPECT anyone else to pay their bills? And what does delinquent behavior have to do with it? That is a personal choice as well. You can't blame society for personal choices. And rioting because you don't pay your bills is just an excuse to act out destroy things and cost others even more money than they are already paying for your sorry lazy ass!
  • They don't pay their bills on time.
    • Linda Joy
      You already said that! If you're gonna post 5 answers to the same question at least make them different answers!!
  • *** 1. Late payment 2. No payment 3. Not communicating with the creditor 4. Bankruptcy filing 5. Charge-offs 6. Defaulting on loans.
  • They don't pay their bills on time.

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