• Since his election he has delivered the tax cuts he promised. Quit the Paris climate deal which stifled American growth. Reshaped the judiciary to respect the second amendment. Bombed IS into obliteration! Moved the Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Built up the US military. Cut federal regulations. Brought some troops home. Renegotiated unfair trade deals to America's favor. Stopped the free flow of Muslims into the country first with a ban then reverted to a stricter vetting process to keep Americans safer from Muslim terrorists. Now you tell me what has Biden done in his almost 50 years as a senator to help the American people? But since you never answer any questions ever anymore, I guess I should thank you for inspiring this question I'd get better results for (even if NOONE answers) than asking YOU!
    • bostjan64
      He's also banned bump stocks and instructed congress to extend federal laws banning "assault weapons". He's also overseen over ten thousand prosecutions through the DOJ over procedural firearms paperwork violations, being the toughest president on guns. The US military capability is actually less than it was under Obama, as well, but, other than that, I agree.
  • Lots of things! He's put a religious test on the people, violating the First Amendment. He's banned several kinds of guns, violating the Second Amendment. He's established a secret police force to invade certain cities (violating the Third Amendment) and secretly arrest them (violating the Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment). He also downplayed a virus that killed a quarter million Americans and told us all to inject bleach if we get it. He also was impeached (for bribing a foreign leader to lie about a political opponent) and made a mockery out of the process. There are countless other things, but those are the ones that stick out most in my mind.
    • mugwort
      Well puy bostjan64 Trump is an egotistical tyrant who is responsible for squashing constitutional dissent and a killer of 1000s re; COVID
  • He's been able to take the hard line on China in terms of stealing IP -- something the last 3 presidents have been scared to do.
  • Killed over 200,000 Americans and doesn't plan to stop the pandemic. Since he's not trying, he can't be failing.
    • Linda Joy
      YOU didn't do anything to stop it either so I guess you're just as guilty as he is.
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      Haha! :)
  • Screwed them over.

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