• Same old, same old. I take one medicine at 6am if I feel like it. I wake up, go pee, take my morning meds, drink my morning drink, play some MSN solitaire, check in on FB post any medical updates for my friends and family, check into my closed MSN Q&A group and the open one I have if there are any notifications. Check in here. Then I usually eat and poop at some point in the day. I answer the door when people make me and go to my appointments I have 5 next week but they were able to smush them all into two days. And occasionally I go get moeny to pay my rent get some groceries so I can eat and poop and keep on living. Its very boring. And more exhausting than you would think, but then I am on chemo so I guess its to be expected. Thanks for asking now I'm depressed again! Time to go listen to all the music posts I received when I asked at another site "what music do you listen to when you do your happy dance"

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