• It actually came in before world war II and was one of the factors for Hitler's rise. Such as the Frankfurt School started in Germany in 1918 Of course oddly enough, despite what people say about Hitler, Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw was a fan, it wasn't that he disagreed with what Hitler did, but that he came to soon, he was a big fan of Stalin. Of course the Fabian society is the Labour Party in the UK, Fabian socialists are fans of Karl Marx who wrote the communist manifesto.
  • Communism started long before WW2. Support for communism in the US picked up around the time of WW1.
  • Honestly, I'm not sure what you are getting at. Communism existed for a long time before WWII. It gained major traction when the the Russians started a French-style revolution during WWI, which led to the formation of the USSR between the two wars. Also after WWI, the large empires that controlled central and eastern Europe broke up into several small independent countries. During WWII, Hitler took advantage of the several small (weak) countries, and set out conquering them all. At the end of the war, Stalin, who was basically less-racist yet somehow worse Hitler, filled the power vacuum in those little eastern European nations by installing puppet governments there. The people who lived there, after facing violent absolutist governments under imperialism, even more violent wars, even more violent Hitler, and then even worse more violent war driving Hitler back, were usually willing to settle for an oppressive communist regime, as long as it wasn't Stalin. Pieck, Rakosi, Hoxka, or friggin Ceausescu were okay, even though they were all followers of Stalin, and some of them were just as bad.

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