• I wasn't familiar with the program, but I looked it up, and it seems as though it will only be beneficial for people earning a steady weekly income, when their income is greater than zero but less than $350 USD per week. Perhaps you don't fall inside of that bracket. If not, it might be advisable to remove yourself from the program, but, if so, maybe you should call your electric service provider and ensure that they are billing you correctly.
    • Linda Joy
      He clearly said he's already on it in his first sentence.
    • DancesWithWolves
      I need to consider this program is not too good
  • "PCAP is designed to help income- qualified residential customers maintain electric service and eliminate their past- due balance." Obviously to keep their power from being shut off when they didn't pay their bill! How can you possibly be as old as you are and still not understand how money works?!! Wait, you did say you had mental problems. Do you have a social worker who can help you with these things? You might need a payee if you really can't grasp how money works.

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