• I'm not following your question.... "Other than defunding the police, what other non-lethal restraint techniques...?" There are plenty of options for officers to use, but it depends on the force the suspect uses. It's called the use of force continuum and every law enforcement agency has some model of it.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, I didn't word it well. Can I claim chemo fog? I wanted to get it out there right off I'm not for defunding the police. It just doesn't necessarily relate to nonlethal force. I saw a demonstration of foam used to restrain a suspect once. It hardened almost immediately and they couldn't move. There are rubber bullets... don't know how effective they are, tasers stop some people. I'm just not informed on how effective this stuff is. I also heard police are not given regular psychlogical exams or reviews. Is that true. Its got to be a tough job!
    • Archie Bunker
      Usually when you see demonstrations of less-lethal options for police, it's being used on a person who is standing still or moving slowly. Not against a person who is within arms reach and actively fighting. Most of that shit don't work then. Rubber bullets were just taken off the table when it comes to dispersing crowds in most areas and OC spray goes whichever way the wind is blowing. I've seen tasers not work and pepper spray not work (I'm one of the people that it doesn't work on). That narrows your options because sure don't like it when batons were used. As far as psychological exams, that's up to individual jurisdictions and when you start delving into that, you run into all kinds of ADA laws.

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