• Haha, I think voice input is only suitable for alone time, otherwise I will feel embarrassed. Now the keyboard and mouse are the mainstay. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, I also have a WD hard drive and a Larnt docking station.
  • Qwerty/qwertz keyboard along with a mouse. ... I've tried different keyboard layouts and cI can't get used to them. I've tried various trackballs and pointing sticks and they have their specific advantages, but I feel that the mouse is popular for good reason.
  • I like this one specific $12 keyboard that has a loud satisfying click to the buttons. And I prefer an ergonomic blue trackball mouse. A thumb controlled trackball that sends the cursor across 2 screens with one flick. I rotate between two offices during my work week and I have both setup like this. I also must have Pilot Precise V5 pens for writing... And everything lined up straight😆
    • Linda Joy
      I spilled on my laptop and it died. I ordered a refurbished desktop online and had it delivered. I like this keyboard better. No loud clicks! Its too wide for the workspace though. Can you believe I use a pen so infrequently I can never find one!? I used to buy several packs every school year when I was waiting tables. Now I use one about once a year!
    • AskingForaFriend
      Haha, yeah I can believe that!
  • Duplicate. Because I’m not on my setup haha

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