• There are medical treatments. I recall reading somewhere that Lionel Messi diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and had treatment.
  • Genetics has a lot to do with it, unless there were medical issues or very poor nutrition. That's why height is given as an average - some above, some below.
  • You will definitely grow past puberty. And on into your 20's. Like Black Mystique said there are growth hormones for people diagnosed with GHD. If you are concerned talk to your doctor about it. But I have seen someone who had the shots and his legs grew way longer than his body. It looked odd. Mushroom is right also. How tall are your parents?
    • basillover101
      My dad is 5’4, although he did gymnastics for four years, which probably stunted his growth. Meanwhile, all his brothers are 5’6. My mom is 5’3.
    • Linda Joy
      Gymnastics doesn't stunt your growth. You will probably be as tall as them or a little taller.

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