• Neither. What about you?
    • Linda Joy
      I'll admit it, I haven't done a very good job as a citizen. Politics sickens me. But its my responsibility to educate myself, pray about it and vote as best I can. Honestly I didn't know who my own governor was until covid 19 sent her slapping on restrictions. I think they should just educate us and let us make our own choices. But then I've seen the choices many American citizens are making and I'm not sure they really are capable of making good choices on their own. Its a catch 22! You all do remember what a catch 22 is, right? Its like when your mom tells you you have to eat your broccoli before you can have ice cream, but if you eat the broccoli you'll be sick and won't want the ice cream!
  • I always research each candidate as much as I can and vote a mixed ticket. I don't really agree with either major party's platform right now, but not all politicians are copy/paste.
  • I am an independent voter. I try to learn all I can about candidates which is sometimes hard to do. I will not vote for the "lessor of two evils" I will not vote for either one. That is just giving my vote away. If they run unopposed I won't vote for them either. Should I not vote for some one I term it a "no vote" which is actually a vote.
    • Linda Joy
      submit a write in vote. That's a thing, right? I didn't just dream it, did I?
    • bostjan64
      You can write in "No one" if you wish. It's a vote of no confidence in the system.
    • Thinker
      There should be a box for "No Vote" on the regular ballot.
  • Independent-----In a country as diverse as ours, how in the world are two choices going to satisfy the citizenry. Perhaps thats why the largest voter demographic are non-voters
  • I plan to vote Biden even though I think he's not such a great alt. to Trump
  • I tend to vote conservative. That's usually the republican ticket.
  • Definitely planning to vote Democratic for president.
  • Neither of those, they are American parties. I'm British and I vote Labour.

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