• The first time I got on it, another ABer's told me. I didn't know there was a leaderboard. Then I was told you get on the board by asking questions so I didn't ask questions and only answered them, but I answered a LOT of questions and I got on the board anyway. Then I realized when you answer a question it goes back to the front of the questions list. I learned this by answering and liking the questions of people who were 'following' me. They went to the top of the leaderboard. And to prove my theory I put Ice man at the top of the list just by answering and liking his questions. He said it didn't work that way, but I showed him! But you have to have enough questions for someone to answer. Ice man had a lot! He didn't ask one question. But asking a lot of questions helps also. Just sayin' its not the only way.
  • In the old Answerbag, you got on the leaderboard and advanced levels by asking and answering questions repeatedly by means of points. Many questions then averaged 25 to 100 answers and more to see how the name Answerbag came to be.
  • I don't know. I suppose "Answerbag" has a nicer ring to it. "Questionbag" sounds a bit clumsy and awkward.

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