• Because it can't be their real identify that must earn a living and take out the trash LOL
  • Top five reasons why superheroes have secret identities: 5. Because they need a day job to buy all of those cans of shark repellent and pay for insurance on the heromobile. 4. Because they have to hold onto some semblance of a human life in order to empathize with humans. 3. Because bad guys could hurt the people close to the hero. 2. It makes the story more exciting. 1. It's a trope.
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      you stole words right from my mouth
  • cuz they have friends and family if the enemies find out about their friends and family they could kidnap them and use then against them
  • If a superhero reveals his identity, he will not only be threatened by the enemy, but the government and capitalists will also be interested in his source of power.

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